Enosis Club, Limassol – 1956
September 30, 2019


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This exhibition is in fact the artist's first unofficial presentation of his work to the public.
It was organized by the British Institute in Limassol at the Institute’s exhibition center,
History of British Art and Art in general.

In his welcoming speech, the Institute’s Director pointed out that this initiative was taken with a view to stimulate the interest of the public in art and culture in general. The exhibition catalogue, which was prepared only in English, included 30 paintings in total. Twenty four of them were for sale, whereas the remaining six were kindly offered by their owners for the purposes of the exhibition.
Out of the 24 paintings on sale, half of them were in oil and the subjects were mostly landscapes and portraits taken from scenes from the everyday life of Cyprus. The remaining 12 paintings were made by his special technique tempera, for the discovery and development of which the artist had a special interest. His interest and sensitivity to this technique was also obvious by the fact that the artist felt the need to include a small comment in the exhibition catalogue explaining, in very general terms, about the tempera technique and its advantages.
He had, however, the opportunity to deal with this subject in detail during his speech delivered prior to the exhibition. This exhibition was very successful, both from a financial point of view, as well as in terms of interest by the public. This was also evident from the fact that the exhibition had obtained very favorable comments in the local press, especially from the English speaking newspaper Cyprus Mail.