Town Hall, Limassol – 1961
October 3, 2019
Education Centre of Royal Air Forces (RAF), Akrotiri – 1962
October 3, 2019

LEDRA PALACE, NICOSIA (2nd -8th of January 1962)

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The exhibition at Ledra Palace consisted of 41 oil and tempera paintings, with the portrait being the main theme.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Archbishop Makarios, who also bought two paintings by the artist, and the President of the Hellenic Communal Assembly, Dr. Constantinos Spyridakis, who made a speech about the artist’s work. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry, also attended the opening. The exhibition was also visited by the Princess Georgiou of Greece.
The Press reports that the artist, through experimentation and years of study, created his own technique with tempera, a technique that requires extraordinary skill, because the medium must be applied very quickly before the material dries and solidifies. Despite this difficulty, Victor Ioannides manages to create portraits of 'exquisite luminosity and transparency'.