Town Hall, Limassol – 1965
October 3, 2019
Ledra Palace, Nicosia – 1968
October 3, 2019

LEDRA PALACE, NICOSIA (1st-16th of November 1967)

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The eleventh exhibition of the artist presented 43 works.

He retired from his position as an Art Professor at the Lanition High School in 1966, and devoted himself exclusively to his practice.
He characteristically refers to the influence that the Impressionist painters of the beginning of the 20th century had on him; he believes that they have changed the course of Art History by going out of their art studios in an attempt to capture the complex simplicity of the countryside, of nature.
And he, as well, fought to ‘convey the intense impression of (the) colorful musicality’ of his landscapes and portraits to the viewer, through his own techniques with tempera and oils.