Ledra Palace, Nicosia – 1959
October 3, 2019
Ledra Palace, Nicosia – 1962
October 3, 2019

TOWN HALL, LIMASSOL (10th - 25th of April 1961)

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Through the 40 works presented at the artist's fifth exhibition, one can realise his skill to create excellent harmony between light and shadow, and also possess an intense 'musicality', a characteristic repeatedly used by the Press to describe his work.

Particular reference is also made to the excellent impression that portraits of prominent personalities of Cyprus had made to the audience, such as those of Ms Athenais Lanitis and Ms Z. D. Pierides.
The fact that the artist is now recognized outside the borders of Cyprus, in other European countries, is also mentioned in the press. Victor Ioannides' exhibitions appear to have been visited, not only by people directly involved in the Arts, but also by workers and craftsmen. Mr. Costas Pilavakis, General Inspector of Secondary Education, inaugurated the exhibition.